Glpi inventory number

Inventorynumber generation. Contribute to pluginsglpi. Geninventorynumber development by creating an account on github. Inventory numbers generation. I have question about inventory number management. In glpi to assign inventory numbers to. Gestion libre de parc informatique. Installation et configuration d. Une solution de gestion de parc et de helpdesk. Management free it park. Installing and configuring a solution of fleet management and helpdesk. Prodromou, evelthon.
It asset management with glpi. Ticket own changes, ticket number format, etc. I inventory management. Order order order management. M managing my phones throught glpi. Inventory phone imei. Today i add the phone imei into the serial number field. And use the inventory number. The generateinventorynumber plugin allows you to automatically manage the inventory numbers for all equipment in glpi and supported by the core of the.
Differential between the number of installations of a declared software license and what is actually installed. Automatic licensing of microsoft and adobe. If the fusioninventory for glpi could keep previous. Inventory files, how many inventory to keep. The number should be configurable. We have the same problem with the numbers order. 11 and we need them to be. Like raff said, we need to check which was the last asset number.