Por2main exe

Pool of radiance 2 ruins of myth. Replace the original file with the one from the file archive. Extract the pool of radiance. Ruins of myth drannor. Posted in help me im new. M new to the porting scene, in fact i just bought my first macbook pro a. Return to the pool of radiance that spawned the golden age of computer role. Pool of radiance 2 carries on the story of the first.
Name the program, and browse to the note. You might have to uncheck the read only in the file. S properties though. You can do this by going to the map where the game is installed, rightclick on por2main and select properties. Uncheck read only at the bottom. Click next twice, skipping the compatibility modes screen. Instead of using all of those fixes on por, i first right clicked on unchecked read. Only, and used them on it. Fixed and 3d is working like a charm. If so, simply right click on the and select properties then remove the read. Only setting from the file before applying the nocd patch, hopefully that will cure the problem.
Dwm8and16bitmitigation 0 d. Glyph client issues. So, make a copy of your file in another directory and call it. I asume that the original is called. Run this file, and note which files it says are missing. Now copy these files to your other folder, and keep running the until the. In the pool of radiance directory there are different executables. They are pool, , and make sure you chose very important. The next window allows you to setup a compatibility mode, don. T edit anything here, skip this window by hitting next.