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Write a lisp interpreter in ruby

A fast Lisp interpreter in Dart In "Dart のイテレータと非同期処理" ("Dart no Iterēta to Hidōkishori"), I reviewed iterators and asynchronous operations of Dart, presenting a simple implementation of read function of Lisp as a non-trivial programming example. It runs far faster than those of L2Lisp in Ruby and Python, which are the. The Lisp interpreter uses the str function, which is not shown here. in the way to make use of duck typing which Dart has as a scripting language

Writing a Language in Truffle. Part 1 A Simple, Slow Interpreter By the way, the list on that page shows all the available eggs for CHICKEN. Besides object-oriented programming, you can also program in a procedural fashion (like you would in Pascal, for example) or in a functional style (a bit like Haskell or ML) and you can even experiment with message-passing like in Erlang, logic programming like you would with Prolog, or stack languages like Forth and Factor. It takes many things and ideas from Lisp (symbols, lambdas, eval, metaprogramming, DSLs etc). Writing a lisp interpreter on top of an already slow language like Python will not win. Implementations of Ruby and Javascript in Truffle have.

How to Write a Lisp Interpreter in Python - Peter Norv Our manager at the time was a smart guy, a programmer himself—Emacs user and Haskell lover. How to Write a Lisp Interpreter in Python. It's tricky to say the interpreter support /cc since the implementation use cc of the Ruby language.

Make a Lisp in Nim HookRace Blog If you don't know much about CHICKEN yet, please take a moment to read the introductory part of The User's Manual. If you decide (a part of) a program is best implemented in an object-oriented fashion, you can choose to use one of the many object systems. The amazing guide for Make a Lisp, writing a Lisp interpreter in Nim. 5 11 2326 js 6 14 1726 ruby 4 15 1255 haskell 4 14 1163 clojure 11.

Lisp in 32 lines of Ruby Hacker News Early 2010 I joined the IT team of a small research center in Italy. It will compile to js and lua, and I'm focusing on writing games with it. I can attest that writing a Lisp compiler is really fun and shockingly simple.

GitHub - jcoglan/heist Scheme in as little Ruby and as much. Earlier this year I changed my old server for a better one. Heist is a Scheme interpreter written in Ruby. code provided as Ruby data, allowing you to write and manipulate Lisp-style expressions inline with Ruby code.

How Ruby Borrowed a Decades Old Idea From Lisp - Pat. Here's a selection of compilers and interpreters implemented in Haskell. How Ruby Borrowed a Decades Old Idea From Lisp. This is the last of a series of free excerpts from an eBook I'm writing ed Ruby Under a. in their 1975 paper Scheme An Interpreter for Extended Lambda Calculus.

My Way into Clojure Building a Card Game with Om - Part 1 A concurrent committed-choice constraint logic programming language, implemented using GHC's software transactional memory. But LISP, Clojure, and many of the concepts we'll be talking about are. Ruby's interpreter has to know about operator precedence to build the.

Why Lisp? - The most important desn feature of Ruby is that it is purely object-oriented; everything is an object. In fact, it does not commit to any particular programming paradm -- it offers complete and total freedom to the programmer. With Lisp, you just build your application and get one ; you copy. to this software stack for example - ruby interpreter - thin http server.

Applications and libraries/Compilers and interpreters - Haskell We started a b project and, although their initial plan was to develop it in PHP (having already a few PHP devs there), the manager agreed I can use whatever language I want to bring us faster to the objective. I was having some 10 years experience with Java Script, but not on server-side (Node JS was in early stages those days), 8 years with Perl and only a few months with Common Lisp. Here's a selection of compilers and interpreters implemented in Haskell. 1.7 Ruby; 1.8 Flapjax; 1.9 Scheme; 1.10 Lisp; 1.11 Emacs Lisp. Elm The Elm programming language aims to make web development more pleasant.

S-Expressions - Rosetta Code I've started translating the Objective-C one into Ruby, and it's quite fun seeing how the code compares in the two languages. Write a simple reader and writer for S-Expressions that handles. see the Pike, Python and Ruby implementations for examples of native data structures. 1 Ada; 2 ALGOL 68; 3 AutoHotkey; 4 C; 5 Ceylon; 6 CoffeeScript; 7 Common Lisp. Parser is function ParseInput String return List_Of_Data is

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