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Rewrite a paragraph in your own words

English Ss Second, discuss your informed view of the challenge the United States faces in balancing Civil Liberties with the requirements for national and homeland security. Writing. Write an interesting paragraph about each of the following animals. Some helpful words are given. Write an interesting sentence for each one. C. Summarise the story in your own words. Use about 10 sentences.

First, in your own words, write a brief paragraph. Paraphrasing is different from summarizing and quoting. However, it is very difficult to set out what “much of our civil liberties” or “a snificant amount of security” means. How much of your own privacy would you be willing to give up in order to have a better chance of preventing terrorist attacks?

Paragraph Writing - Topics, Super Tips, Format & Ideas How to effectively write a paragraph in English language? Introduction: Paragraph-writing is an art and this art can be learnt only if the student takes it up seriously, understands what a paragraph precisely means, what the principles of its structure are and what essentials or characteristics distinguish it, and knows how to proceed with writing it. One must write paragraph in his own words. Always write paragraphs in your own words. At initial stage you can adopt rewriting strategy. Read paragraphs on any topic from more than 1 books.

Rewrite a paragraph in your own words:

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