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Help writing sql statements

<u>SQL</u> Tutorial - Learn <u>SQL</u> Query Programming Language - 1Keydata

SQL Tutorial - Learn SQL Query Programming Language - 1Keydata We value excellent academic writing and strive to provide outstanding essay writing services each and every time you place an order. This SQL programming help site lists commonly-used SQL statements, and is. of the SQL syntax, and be able to write SQL queries using the correct syntax.

The <i>SQL</i> Injection Knowledge Base -

The SQL Injection Knowledge Base - Examples: Cain & Abel and John the Ripper are both capable of cracking My SQL 3.x-6.x passwords. This tool is a hh-speed brute-force password cracker for My SQL hashed passwords. * * Example: * $ gcc -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer My SQLfast.c -o My SQLfast * $ My SQLfast 6294b50f67eda209 * Hash: 6294b50f67eda209 * Trying length 3 * Trying length 4 * Found pass: barf * * The My SQL password hash function could be strengthened considerably * by: * - making two passes over the password * - using a bitwise rotate instead of a left shift * - causing more arithmetic overflows */ #include typedef unsned long u32; /* Allowable characters in password; 33-126 is printable ascii */ #define MIN_CHAR 33 #define MAX_CHAR 126 /* Maximum length of password */ #define MAX_LEN 12 #define MASK 0x7fffffff L int crack0(int stop, u32 targ1, u32 targ2, int *pass_ary) void crack(char *hash) int main(int argc, char *argv[]) Passwords begin with 0x0100, the first for bytes following the 0x are a constant; the next eht bytes are the hash salt and the remaining 80 bytes are two hashes, the first 40 bytes are a case-sensitive hash of the password, while the second 40 bytes are the uppercase version. The SQL Injection Knowledge Base is the ultimate resource regarding SQL Injections. Here you will find everything there is to know about SQL Injections.

<strong>Writing</strong> MySQL Scripts with Python DB-API

Writing MySQL Scripts with Python DB-API The syntax within the comment is only executed if the version is greater or equal to the specified version number. Writing MySQL Scripts with Python DB-API. Paul DuBois [email protected] Document revision 1.02 Last update 2006-09-17 Table of Contents MySQLdb Installation

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