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Writing a petition

How to Write a Petition that Creates a Movement We, the undersned, residents of Flower Park area, object to the plans to build a skate park on the land adjacent to Rosy Villas Retirement Home at 32 Marold Villas Road, Brhton. When your write a petition, be sure to pay attention to these key elemetns so that your petition is effective and creates a movement.

How To Petition in Your Nehborhood How to Write a We talk about a lot of ads and other media that require action from consumers. Learn how to write a petition to affect change in your community and raise awareness around issues. Consider going door-to-door in your community, especially for a local issue.

Sample Petition Let’s dive headfirst into how to craft that powerful message to start your petition. NAME OF PERSONS WHO WILL RECEIVE PETITION. WE THE UNDERSNED WOULD LIKE TO BRING YOUR ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING.

Writing a petition:

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