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Psp 1000 home button not working

How to Fix a PSP Volume Button eHow As long as you're covered by warranty, the company will replace your phone or perform any necessary repairs. Clean the button heads underneath the volume buttons with a small cloth. You should also clean the Home button nearby as this often interferes with the volume button. Return the faceplate and screws, and test your PSP.

Not Working sur Amazon - Not Working en stock. Those who got hit with the home button plague Method 1: Calibrate (and possibly restore) If you're lucky, your slow-to-respond home button is due to a software glitch.

What size difference is there between the PSP 1000, 2000 Nairaland Forum / Entertainment / Gaming / My Psp Buttons Are No Longer Responding: Help, Please! PSP-1000 vs PSP-2000. Speaker holes moved from lower side to upper side. Start, Select and Home button changed this an allowed step for working with infinite sequences? How can I draw metallocenes in ChemDraw?

PSP en Promo - Promos sur les Consoles PSP. Luckily, fixing the volume is not particularly challenging, and it can be done with minimal knowledge of the PSP's operating system or its hardware.

Psp 1000 home button not working:

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