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Althouse Jack Cashill's strange notion that Bill Ayers wrote "Dreams. Conservative author Jack Cashill has set himself up as a literary Sherlock Holmes, and the mystery he is determined to solve is why the eloquent President Obama couldn't possibly have written his best selling 1995 memoir "Dreams From My Father." The book is beautifully written and yet, in Cashill's opinion, Obama is - and always was - a crappy writer. The clues Sherlock has uncovered point to one man as the mastermind behind Obama's pearls: Bill Ayers. Oct 12, 2008. I read "Dreams From My Father" -- that is, I listened to Obama read it. I want to know if Obama had a ghost writer, or writers, for his books.

Dreams of My Ghostwriter's Ex Did Bill Ayers Use Dead Weather. Obama launched his presidential campan three years later. May 5, 2012. In 2008, conservative journalist Jack Cashill presented evidence that Barack Obama's bestselling 1995 memoir Dreams From My Father had.

New Book Raises Questions About Obama's Memoir - The New. But sorting through the more than 200 interviews Andersen says it took to create this book, he came to a startling conclusion: After Obama had to give up on a 0,000 Simon & Schuster contract because he couldn’t complete the manuscript, his sources were telling him Obama finally had to bring in a ghostwriter to put together his hy praised for Times Books. Dreams From My Father” portrayed Mr. Obama as a mixed-race young man raised without a father and struggling to find his racial identity.

Bill Ayers, Ghostwriting Mastermind? - The New Yorker The so-ed “New York girlfriend” in Obama’s memoir bears specific resemblance to Ayers’s ex-girlfriend Diana Oughton, one of three Weather Underground members ed in 1970 when a bomb the terrorist was building accidentally exploded. The main house on the Oughton estate, a twenty-room Victorian mansion, was built by Oughton’s father’s grandfather. Oughton House, it was placed on the national historic register in 1980. Freedom, introspection, irony—is it any wonder, then, that “Dreams from My Father” is the latest Obama project to be targeted by the rht wing?

Linguistic analysis expert debunks Obama ghost writer theory. It became clear that this allegation had been circulating with increasing speed in the US, on websites, blogs and radio talk shows, and was gathering snificant numbers of supporters. I didn't have in mind Jack Cashill's book that claims Bill Ayers is the ghost writer of Obama's “Dreams from My Father,” but that is certainly within.

Articles Who Wrote Dreams From My Father? - American Thinker He wanted to enlist my services in an effort to prove a scandalous allegation against Barack Obama, which – if justified – would surely impact on his prospects in that election. Is asked to believe Obama wrote Dreams From My Father on his own. is that he had major editorial help, up to and including a ghostwriter.

Is Bill Ayers Obama’s ghostwriter? « Is an academic website developed by Professor Peter Millican of Oxford University made in support of the “New Degree Programme in Computer Science and Philosophy at Oxford University.” I found the web site through some research on authorship identification software and a discipline ed Stylometry. Is Bill Ayers Obama’s ghostwriter. Weatherman and current professor of education. wrote Barack Obama’s memoir Dreams of My Father.

Bill Ayers "I Wrote Dreams From My Father" - YouTube Was a “composite” or “compression” of several women — as President Obama reportedly told biographer David Marannis — has focused new attention on Cashill’s argument that Ayers was Obama’s ghostwriter. Bill Ayers claims he wrote Barack Obama's Autobiography Dreams of My Father. He said this in front of over 100 people at a Students for a.

Did Bill Ayers Write Obama's Book? - Accuracy in Media This particular bit of crackerjack analysis was popularized by World Net Daily writers Jack Cashill and Aaron Klein, who have based their theories on "evidence" like the frequency of nautical terms in Obama's book, despite the fact that "Obama gives little indication that he has any real experience with the sea or ships beyond bodysurfing at Waikiki." (Slhtly less unhinged conservatives like David Freddoso have labeled Cashill's work on this "a lot of crap, all conjecture and no concrete evidence.") The Ayers ghostwriter theory has been back in full force this week, thanks to some conservative bloggers' inability to detect sarcasm. In the end, Ayers' contribution to Barack's Dreams From My Father. “But I'll admit Bill Ayers as Obama's ghost writer had never occurred to me.

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