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Obama's Ghostwriter? - Short Stack - The Washington Post's blog This particular bit of crackerjack analysis was popularized by World Net Daily writers Jack Cashill and Aaron Klein, who have based their theories on "evidence" like the frequency of nautical terms in Obama's book, despite the fact that "Obama gives little indication that he has any real experience with the sea or ships beyond bodysurfing at Waikiki." (Slhtly less unhinged conservatives like David Freddoso have labeled Cashill's work on this "a lot of crap, all conjecture and no concrete evidence.") The Ayers ghostwriter theory has been back in full force this week, thanks to some conservative bloggers' inability to detect sarcasm. Obama's <strong>Ghostwriter</strong>? - Short Stack - The Washington Post's blog
Jul 2, 2009. Obama's Ghostwriter. the eloquent President Obama couldn't possibly have written his best selling 1995 memoir "Dreams From My Father.

Althouse Jack Cashill's strange notion that Bill Ayers wrote "Dreams. Several "stylometric" analyses of the texts had been done, claiming to find snificant patterns in the writings of Obama and Ayers to back up the hypothesis. Althouse Jack Cashill's strange notion that Bill Ayers wrote Dreams.">
Oct 12, 2008. I read "Dreams From My Father" -- that is, I listened to Obama read it. I want to know if Obama had a ghost writer, or writers, for his books.

Dreams from My Father - pedia Namely, that his famous 1995 memoir, Dreams from my Father, on which so much of his reputation was built, was in fact authored largely by Bill Ayers, a Vietnam-era domestic terrorist. <strong>Dreams</strong> <strong>from</strong> My <strong>Father</strong> - pedia
Dreams from My Father A Story of Race and Inheritance 1995 is a memoir by Barack Obama, who was elected as U. S. President in 2008. It explores events of.

Obama's ghostwriter fesses up! - Was a “composite” or “compression” of several women — as President Obama reportedly told biographer David Marannis — has focused new attention on Cashill’s argument that Ayers was Obama’s ghostwriter. Obama's <u>ghostwriter</u> fesses up! -
It's the question tearing the nation apart Who really wrote Barack Obama's first book, “Dreams From My Father”? You see, only.

Did Obama Write “Dreams from My Father”. Or. - National Review It became clear that this allegation had been circulating with increasing speed in the US, on websites, blogs and radio talk shows, and was gathering snificant numbers of supporters. Did Obama Write “<strong>Dreams</strong> <strong>from</strong> My <strong>Father</strong>”. Or. - National Review
Oct 11, 2008. There has been speculation about this which I've nored, no doubt because there are enough policy reasons to oppose Barack Obama and I.

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